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Banksia croajingolensis

Banksia croajingolensis Molyneux & Forrester (2007)
Gippsland  Banksia

Croajingolensis is derived from an aboriginal name for the tribe that inhabited this area, now Croajingolong National Park. This banksia was found by Bill Molyneux and Sue Forrester in 2000. The type was gathered by them in 2006.

This is a new species, one of only two found in the last twelve years. It is a small, somewhat spreading shrub of less than 1m with clear yellow flowers. It was first thought to be B. paludosa, from the coastal areas of NSW.

Confusing species: B. integrifolia has similar but larger leaves, it does not hold its old flower parts on the cone. B. marginata is also closely related but has small and truncate leaves. B. paludosa, another similar species, usually has dentate or serrated leaf margins. B. croajingolensis differs from these preceding species by having its flowers opening from the top of the spike.

Distribution:  VIC РA very small area, of about one hectare, in Croajingolong National Park.

Flowering period: Mid-autumn to winter.

Fire tolerance: This plant has a lignotuber so is fire resistant.

Conservation status : The entire population is in Croajingolong National Park.

Where to see: We found our subject approximately13 kms east of Mallacoota, on the south side of Shipwreck Creek in Croajingolong National Park during the month of April. Local knowledge may be needed to find this new banksia.

Banksia croajingolensis print (440x550mm)

Banksia croajingolensis print (210x297mm)

An Illustrated Guide to Eastern Banksias