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Banksia dentata

Banksia dentata Linnaeus f. (1782)
Tropical Banksia

Specific dentata is derived from Latin dentatus, and refers to the toothed leaf margins. Type collected from the Endeavour River, Cooktown, Queensland. This banksia forms part of early history, being collected by Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander during the period James Cook made repairs to the Endeavour at Cooktown in June and July 1770. It is the only banksia occurring outside Australia, in PNG and Aru Islands. It is also the only species that occurs on both the east and west coasts of Australia.
A tree to around 4m, rather open of habit with few flowers. Usually found in seasonally wet flats, although we have seen it thriving on low sandhills east of Hopevale, north Queensland.

Confusing species: None.

Distribution: Qld – It is found from Prince of Wales Island and is scattered down the east coast of Cape York to the Bloomfield River south of Cooktown. Also found in NT and northern WA.

Flowering period: Probably February to June.

Fire tolerance: Fire tolerant and regrows from epicormic shoots.

Conservation status: Not endangered.

Where to see: South of Cooktown towards Archer Point, common inland from Cooktown and east of Hopevale.

Banksia dentata print (440x550mm)

Banksia dentata print (210x297mm)

An Illustrated Guide to Eastern Banksias